Trade and commerce corporations in our country bears the technological, economic and social characteristics of the period they are established in. Their establishment is formed according t the period. Technological and economic changes force the corporations to change. Unstable economy in the country, and its underdeveloped state has thought many positive things to the corporations. Corporations that develop their structures to met the demands of the changing day can be persistent.

Companies within the body of AS-TON BETON ELM. İNŞ. TAAH. NAK. TİC. ve LTD. ŞTİ. have combined their know-how and experience of 18 years. The end of 80s and the 90s have brought experience and know-how for these companies. These enterprises, still in the process of establishing at that time, have always been one step beyond others in their field and have always been mentioned.

These companies have proven their past successes, formed their corporate body and decided to join forces. AS-TON has launched many novelties with this restructuring. Some of these can be given as: producing with the highest technology, to follow the technology closely, to institutionalize and to establish work distribution, to combine and update the entrepreneur spirit in the existing companies, to establish total quality management system in the management and production…, to be the center of attention in Concrete Pipes, Cobblestones, City Furniture, Infrastructure and environmental design fields.

Our mission is to care for environmental health , to take work safety and security on the top priority, to attain maximum level of quality, to increase customer satisfaction and to attain perfection, to vigorously maintain the dynamic and fast work pace, to be open for novelties and to achieve total quality concept.

Our vision is to move forward in the race for the civilized world, and take our place among the leading companies that help societies to develop and proper, by doing that.

Our establishment shares the pride of 18 years of know-how and experience with all its friends and its customers, and faces the future with the determination and the effort of integrating different service and technological developments and production methods to our range of services.
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